Super amazing ukemi! Video!

Alright, I made another video detailing all the variations of the rolling/flying break-fall with the help of Todd Lannert (and Benjamin Hanby who held the camera). The first one I did just had the side version, largely because I'm an idiot who didn't have my memory card inserted correctly into the digital camera so that was all I could record. This time, I have all three variations that I talked about here.

The video/sound quality is crappy because I'm using a digital (photo) camera to take the video; I don't have a nice video camera, sorry.

The one thing I didn't cover in the video that I mentioned in the post was flipping yourself. Partly because I forgot, but also, I'm not sure I have all my thoughts together on that topic.

The ukemi series:


  1. Thanks for the follow-up video!

    I also managed to find a couple of videos covering ukemi (as well as others covering techniques) at


  2. I look at you as one of my many Martial Arts teachers I have been practicing Judo real hard doing all my drills and study always learning & improving thank you for the great easy to understand instruction in an awesome discipline.


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