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Grappling with the Swiss Ball

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted, eh? Sorry about that. I know I say this a lot, but life's been really, really crazy. Hopefully, I'll be back into the swing of things now.

One of the things I'd love to make a video about (or, more likely, a series) has to do with doing judo grappling drills with one of those big Swiss Balls.

Yeah, one of those things. Now, I'm not the one who started the whole idea. I believe friend and teacher, Greg Ables, was the one who started all this. He does, incidentally, have a video on the Kaze Uta Budo Kai YouTube channel, which is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

Over the years, I've taken much of what I've learned and, in an effort to teach other judo students, especially lower ranking ones, have spent a lot of time breaking it down into bite size pieces.

Ultimately, the working on the Swiss Ball has amazing effects on a judoka's grappling game. For starters, it helps train your body what any other exercise on the …