In response to my post that was mentioned on Aikido Journal regarding what I call the "sphere of influence", Nev Sagiba pointed out that when inside the sphere (where I would start introducing judo) koshinage ("hip throw") would be the likely aikido response.

The interesting thing to me is, as far as I know, koshinage doesn't really ever appear anywhere in Tomiki Ryu Aikido except for in koryu dai roku, the last of the advanced katas (unless someone can point me to one I'm forgetting?) Which is odder still, since Tomiki came from a judo background. Perhaps he thought everyone should train in both and therefor let judo take care of hip techniques?

I, myself, am interested in learning more about aikido's perspective of hip techniques. I have, of course, a long laundry list of things I'd like to explore, but this is one of them. Fortunately, I have a number of morning classmates who study both judo and aikido, which ought to make it a little easier.

In the spirit of the subject, here's a lovely video of Stefan Stenudd Sensei performing a few koshi waza for your viewing enjoyment!


  1. koshinage tends to come up for us when we start playing with gurumas in the first part of owaza jupon. Any of the gurumas can be re-envisioned as koshinage, as can aikinage (or iriminage if you want to call it that)

    i think youre probably right that tomiki sort of assumed that his players would mostly already know a lot about hip throws, so he de-emphasized them or perhaps, hid them inside other motions.

  2. The Jiyushinkai have added a koshi kata into their system, 8 or nine moves I believe. From what I saw the jiyushinkai guys do they dropped their hip and had uke revolving around it.

    I tend to think of koshi waza as my hip displacing or directly connecting to uke's hip.

  3. koshi also comes up in the double hand release series from mr kogure- i think it was probably minimized in the tomiki line to try keep aikido shiai from becoming a judo shiai--

  4. Yeah, I thought of the kogure kata as well, but I wasn't sure how much of the "Tomiki world" used that at all?


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