An article in Aikido Journal ?!?

I'm not sure how it happened, but one of my blog entries was featured on Aikido Journal's web site. I certainly never submitted anything, and I certainly never would have dreamt of it. I mean, a lot of the people who contribute articles have faaaaaar more experience in aikido than me

I'm kind of humbled, kind of embarrassed, really. I may lead some classes, but that's really because not very many people are insane/desperate enough to get up that early in the morning! I don't really consider myself a "teacher" by any means, and I certainly would never attribute the "s" word to my name.

I'm really just a student like anyone else, trying to wrap my mind around what so many great minds have put before me. That's all this blog is, really. I just find that the attempt to describe a thing, to put it into words, has a way of "processing" what I'm learning, of retaining things that may have otherwise just gone in one ear and slipped out of the other ear.

An interesting pitstop along The Road. 


  1. You lucky dog! I am waiting for the day I get that prestige! Good one Ashby Sensei


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