Where are the kata gatame escapes?

As I sit around the house on Christmas Eve, the snow falling outside, the tree lit, and presents still to wrap, I'm thinking about many things. Oddly enough, one of them is kata gatame.

I started out just thinking about transitioning, being held by one hold, escaping, and then establishing a hold of your own. It works well for most of the main holds (that I know of), except for yoko shiho gatame, with which the main escape puts the other guy in sankaku jime, and kata gatame, with which the escapes I know of anyway put the guy in an arm bar or a choke.

So I wondered if I were missing some escape ideas, particularly from kata gatame, and naturally started searching YouTube. I found a few explanations of the hold itself, but no escapes. Anyone know of any videos out there? While I kow the Kaze Uta Budo Kai forum will feature some osae komi waza soon, I wonder if they're go over any escapes I haven't seen yet.

At any rate, stop thinking about budo, people, for one lousy minute and enjoy the holidays! 


  1. fist by the ear to prevent the choke and bridge into the near shoulder just below your fist to grind the grip-- concentrate all power an weight on the point where the osekomi is locked hand to hand --as his grip is busted continue to bridge up and in to entrap the encircled arm for control/submission

  2. Right, that's the one I was always taught, I just wondered if the rest of the judo world had anything else, out of curiosity (sometimes I find interesting things! =). I did see one or two where the guy being held rolling backwards out of it, which I'm not sure I can do with this gut I've got in the way...

  3. yes the over your own head route is great if you are built long an flexible


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