Sankaku jime... almost

Three of us worked on a few sankaku entries on Monday, and it went... well, not quite as expected. Basically, most of us had a hard time getting the legs fully clasped with the foot of one leg behind the knee of the other. We could do it well enough on the escape from yokoshiho gatame, but the first version done from the turtle in this video turned out to be tricky.

Usually I can manage it okay, but I think the two guys I was working with then were a little more... "beefy" shall we say than what I'm used to. As for the other two, their own flexibility might be an issue in addition to the size of the uke, and in one case, with a dude who has spent a lot of time working out, his own thick thigh muscles might be getting in his own way.

Mostly, I want them to start thinking of their feet and legs to be just as useful as their own hands. Tomorrow, we'll probably go over the same drills as Monday (maybe an additional one), and see if we can't iron out some wrinkles.

I've got a number of entries, though, that I'd like to practice and explore, if anything for my own education, so hopefully it won't get too frustrating.


  1. I don't do much sankaku (either jime or gatame).

    You might take a look at some of the stuff Derek Hall has put together on the subject. Either on the Kaze Uta Budo Kai forum or on YouTube:

  2. Oh, yeah, I'd planned one going over Derek's videos, too, fo shizzle! December is kind of turning into sankaku month...


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