Kangeiko, Day 1

To be honest, I'm not able to take this week off and participate in the mid-day sessions, but I will be in the morning class as usual, plus the Tuesday and Thursday noon classes. I'd like to make at least one evening block of classes, but we'll see.

If you'd like to check out a few pics of today's morning session, which dealt with aikido randori and multiple attackers, as well as the afternoon session, which dealt with a lot of sword work from jodo and aikido's san kata (plus future day sessions), check our Derek Hall's new blog and Kyle Sloan Sensei's blog.

For my little morning class, Kyle was nice enough to stop in and he watched us do a little hop randori for a while, and then had him chime in on what we need to work on.

After that, I was eager to pick his brain about escape ideas from kazure kamishiho gatame, and ushiro kesa gatame.

Tomorrow, for aikido, I have no idea if anyone out of the ordinary will stop by, but otherwise, I think we'll follow suit along the lines of randori drills and dealing with multiple attackers (based on stuff I remember, though, since I wasn't at the other sessions). And while the intensive officially ends on Thursday night (New Year's Eve), I may just end up coming in on Saturday to add to my week's total hours for my own training.