Photos from morning judo

Some photos taken a little while ago by Chris Gilbert's dad, who popped in for a visit. Chris was about to go in for minor surgery that day and wanted to get one last judo session in. So, I obliged him! We tossed each other around for a good 15 minutes non-stop while the camera clicked away.

Unfortunately, Chris up and moved to Texas for another job. Such is life, but he'll really be missed around Windsong Dojo. Great guy and really talented budoka.

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  1. Actually, I think it was Austin. I need to send him a little thank you for the disc of photos, and I'll tell him to look you up.

  2. Hey Sean, it's Chris. Great site. I sure miss you guys at the dojo. Tell everyone hello for me. p.s. I'm in Amarillo.


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