A clear and empty space

"If you take up this practice, do not agitate your mind; let it be like a mountain. Let your mind be like a clear and empty space and continue to reflect on enlightening Dharma like the moon reflects the sun. Whether others think that you are right or wrong is not your concern. Do not judge or criticize others. Just be at ease and go on mindlessly like a simpleton or a fool; or, be like one who is struck deaf and dumb. Spend your life as if you cannot hear a thing, or like an infant. Then, sooner or later, all the delusion will disappear."

—Excerpt, The Great Matter of Life and Death by Kyong Ho (courtesy of Nick Lowry Sensei)

(I don't pretend to understand these sorts of discourses, but as I read certain things, they strike me, or resonate like the string of a guitar plucked by an unseen hand. Then, I feel the need to share them!)