Simple, complex, then simple again

As a follow-up to what I wrote yesterday...

When I look at not only budo, but the process of learning to be an artist, or a graphic designer, it seems to follow a common path: You start with simple things (basics), then the whole system seems to get vast and complex, then after years and years, it all seems simple again!

I've lost track of all the red-and-white belts who talk about a technique in terms of "well, all you have to do is this..." as if it were the simplest thing in the world, even though it confounds the student. I had an art teacher in college do the same thing. I find myself, as a designer, saying something similar to kids fresh out of college.

And I don't mind going through the complex system. It's just that I think the complex system should still be presented in a simple way, without lots and lots of explanation, history, yada yada.

Using mnemonic devises, for example. Or the whole "3 feet on a line" concept from judo works wonderfully for me. 4 words that echo eternally in my mind and lead to a hundred possibilities. From there, you can put your foot "on, across or down" the line. 3 more words that lead to another hundred roads.

Simple, memorable!