Big boy judo: tani otoshi counter

I can't get enough of Arkadiy Aronov, a sizable chap from Uzbekistan who coaches at the Spartak Sports Club in New York. It can be a little tough deciphering the accent, but I get a lot just by watching him.

One of the videos I've been enjoying is this rather simple counter to tai otoshi (one of my favorite throws at the moment). Our school has always emphasized the idea of "dancing" out of a throw to counter, which comes quite naturally to those judoka who also happen to do aikido. I also like keeping it simple.


  1. Wow, Such a simple counter to the tai otoshi. Many times I have seen people defend it by stepping over, but then they go for some kind of forward throw such as uchi mata, or sumi gaeshi, this Ko soto gake is such a simple and effective alternative


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