A plethora of irimi nage

This is the kind of crazy, flashy irimi nage the world seems to really love. And it does look pretty cool, I'll admit. This particular video features a plethora of irimi nages exclusively from French aikidoka Christian Tissier, 7th dan. And there are a lot of them. Plus, there's funky techno music to go along with it, just to get you pumped up.

I also kind of like the first entry in this video from Gary Boaz, which is from a yokomen uchi attack. I haven't played with it yet, but it looks interesting. (He's also done a sort of ushiro ate like technique from that same entry, "chopping down" the arm and turning uke, which is also kind of nice.) Off-hand, I think I might approach it with a little more of a circular motion, but I don't know.


  1. most often here he favors the form we play with in go kata with the deeper forward break and neck control -- nice sharp timing on his kake -- we also see some throws reminicent of the form from sword disarm section of san kata for his more linear applications


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