So... It's Been A While

I haven't given this blog a single thought in four years or so, but recently I've been feeling the urge to dust it off. The name "Northern Wind," by the way, is inspired by names and terms used by my teachers. It all started, I believe, with Karl Geis Shihan's "A Book of Twelve Winds — An Aikido Master's Life Strategy."

Kita Kaze — Northern Wind

When one of his students and one of my teachers, Chuck Caldwell, started his own dojo, he named it Windsong, which I assumed was inspired by Geis' book (somebody out there correct me if I'm wrong). And when the dojo as a business entity formed an LLC, it used the name "12 Winds, Inc." Then, after one of Caldwell Sensei's students, and another one of my teachers and good friend, Nick Lowry Sensei took over Windsong, he eventually formed a new organization which he called Kaze Uta Budo Kai — "Kaze Uta" being Japanese for, you guessed it, "twelve winds."

Now, since I'm Scandinavian, I thought it would be appropriate to brand all my random musings and such as "Northern Wind" — meaning, a wind (or a perspective) that comes from the North. Or at least, a man from the north.