Not the way I planned

Howdy, folks. Been a loooooong time, I know. Imagine I wrote about the usual excuses, and let's just move on to what I've got on my mind, shall we? Okie-dokie...

So last month, I had the opportunity to teach a few sessions of our kangeiko, or winter training session. I went... well, not like I'd hoped, truth be told.

I was assigned four morning sessions. The first morning had a decent number of people show (about six, enough for three pairs), and I got to start delving into the topic which I had chosen for the Friday and Saturday morning sessions, which was aikido jo dori (defense against a jo).

In Tomiki aikido, for some reason, we really only deal with weapons in koryu dai san kata and again in roku kata, and that's pretty much it. I don't know about other Tomiki schools, but ours has never spent much time aside from that on it.

But I've run across a lot of other interest ideas from the broader aikido world that I thought would be fun to explore. They're ideas that demonstrate the same principles we all know, but putting an object in uke's hand changes the relationship a bit, so personally I think it's worth the time to practice it occasionally.

Not me, by the way...

Anyway, Friday went well enough, but for some inexplicable reason, I ended the session a lot earlier than I realized. Oops.

Saturday went better. I had more people, and I covered a lot more, although not everything I had in mind. I learned quite a few things myself from working with the various practitioners, and we just had fun.

Sunday... Not as well. Only a handful of people came trickling in as the time to begin came and passed. Eventually, I got on the mat with three others with the intention to talk about some judo renraku waza I had been working on for a while now. Unfortunately, we never made it past the first set of throws. Mostly because their various questions sent us off in other directions, which is fine, we all still (hopefully) learned something, but considering the sessions were being recorded I had hoped to get some of these chained series on tape.

And finally, when Monday morning came along, my back and shoulders were giving me grief, so I just texted and asked Nick to fill in.

So there you go.

Yeah. Not spectacular. Ah, well.

But I enjoy teaching, and all the time I've spent teaching the morning classes has in turn taught me a great deal, so hopefully I'll get a chance to do something like this again.

As they say in the budo world, "We practice falling in order to learn to pick ourselves up."