A day to think

This has been an odd day. Not because I did anything odd, per se, but mostly because I did very little at all.

I ate, I did a load of dishes, took the trash out. But out of an entire Saturday to myself, that's about as productive as I've been (outside of this blog post). All that nothing left me with a lot of time to think.

 Mostly, I thought about my health and well-being. You see, while it might seem surprising for someone who does aikido and judo, I'm just a tad overweight by at least 50 pounds. I know it's not good. I know how bad it is for my health (mental and physical). I want to change, and not just so I can look better. I'm not so much concerned about sporting 6 pack abs as I am avoiding heart disease. Yes, I'd like to be able tuck my shirt into my pants again, but I'd also like to have the energy to keep up with my kids.

I've done it all before—twice, in fact—so I know it's possible to eat right, exercise and loose the weight. So why am I having such a hard time getting going this time around? I also want to include more meditation and relaxation into the mix.

The odd thing is, I understand more than ever how much a person's psychological well-being can impact every other aspect of their life. I feel like I've learned a lot over the past year about hidden, unhealed childhood wounds and all of the ways we mentally sabotage ourselves, leaving us constantly mired in depression. I'm happier now than I ever have been.

At the same time, something is keeping me from progressing, from becoming my best self. My mind is getting straightened out, but my body is still stuck. And that's a problem. I think many of us move through life like "walking heads" with this insufferable body attached. Mental health is great, but it can only do so much without physical, spiritual and emotional health.

That's it, really. I don't have any answers at this point. I just felt the need to put it out there.