A little "street judo"

I've been pondering for some time the idea of how to approach many of the judo throws from the standpoint of a sudden, unexpected attack. You know, like "on the street."

Okay, honestly, by now, I hate using that phrase, but for lack of a better one, there you go. I've always been somewhat troubled by one aspect of judo nage waza: the grips. Or to be more specific, the idea of walking around with your hands holding on to your partner and his hands holding on to before either of you attempts to throw.

What about the a-hole who's just trying to punch, kick and otherwise beat the living snot out of me? Can I launch a throw right at the moment he attacks? Or at least avoid the initial attack (get off the line) and then pull the trigger? I don't want to dance with the guy, and he damn sure doesn't wanna dance with me, frankly. The whole "grip fighting" concept seems to me, then, to really only apply to competition judo, and has little or no relevance to actual self-defense, in my own humble opinion.

To that end, I've taken much of what I've learned from the Merritt Stevens approach to aikido (some of which can be found here) and experimented with applying the same sort of "attack & evade, then throw" model to judo nage waza.

I'm hoping to play with it some more tomorrow, and if I get a chance, I'll elaborate here later.