Been missing my budo

My wife had her tonsils removed last week (third surgery this year, after a c-section and a hernia!), so I've spent my mornings getting the kids ready and taking them to various friends who have been kind enough to watch them while Amy recuperates. Which means, of course, I haven't done any budo, and boy am I missing it.

I've sure been thinking about it, though. What have I been thinking about? Lots of stuff, really...

In aikido:

  • Aikido hand change drills
  • Not just the "wave" but the "undercurrent"
  • The shiho nage / mae otoshi entry
  • Finally demonstrating the sections of san kata & yon kata I've been working on with Scott

In judo:

  • No-gi nage komi / ne waza
  • Certain throws no one seems to know very well
  • More about the "undercurrent"
  • Forms of morote gari
  • Lots of ground work

The only problem is, deciding what to play with first when I get back!