Practice judo while killing time

Some time ago, someone on the KUBK forum asked if there was anything you could do to practice aikido or judo by yourself. Of course, there are a few obvious answers, like tegatana no kata ("the Walk" as many call it), or maybe ukemi (if you have a decent surface to roll on at home). But in addition to that, a few of us have developed our own little drills over the years that I've found pretty beneficial to my training.

There are times when I'm just standing around, killing time, like waiting in line, or hanging around the park while my kid hits the playground, and it can be pretty boring. Plus, I'm kind of a fidgety guy; I can't really stand still, but would rather pace or shift back and forth. These moments turned out to be great times to practice my footwork.

Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd film a few. This one is actually a partnered drill Greg Ables showed me once, but sometimes I would just go through the motions by myself when I didn't have a partner to play with. I also filmed a couple of others dealing with solo drills for kouchi and ouchi gari as well as a general advancing hip throw, which I haven't uploaded yet. (I'm embarrassed by the yellowness of these; I thought I had fixed it in iMovie, but not enough, it seems. There's a setting on my camera that would help, I'm sure, but I keep forgetting to look into it.)