Godo geiko this weekend

Planet Dojo

Another budo "play day" is upon us this weekend, but unfortunately, it looks as if I won't be going. At least, I don't think I will. The more young kids you have, the more time you're needed at home.

On the other hand, my wife is going out of town in a couple of weeks to visit sisters (although she's taking the baby with her), so maybe I can "trade" some time? Maybe a little aikido tomorrow morning?

If not, I hope everyone has fun and learns a lot!


  1. Nice looking dojo! Much classier than our poor place.

    Are you going to make it down next weekend?

  2. Down to Texas? Is somethin' going on? Either way, I doubt it. New baby + 3 yr old + sleep-dreprived wife = busy, busy daddy...


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