Fall godo geiko - Day 1

The first stretch of the fall godo geiko (or "play-day" as it's affectionately referred to) is done. And I'm pooped. Judo is typically Friday evening, from 6 to 8-ish. I did about half throwing, and got a few pointers on doing sukui nage and/or ura nage from Kyle Sloan sensei, fortunately with the aid of two stacked crash pads.

I spent the rest of the time feeling inadequate and helpless with ne waza. Several of us spent time trying to deal with the way one brown belt held ushiro kesa gatame. It frustrated most of us no end. It was a pretty darn good hold!

In general though, I wish I could have done more, but I just don't have much gas in the tank. Meanwhile, I'm watching all these other guys grapple for like an hour! How do they do it? Am I that out of shape? They just seem to have limitless energy, and I get exhausted after a few minutes, and they look like they're working every bit as hard as me if not more! Doesn't seem to matter: age, weight, rank. Do they all work out outside of the dojo? I just don't know what's wrong with me.

It wouldn't be so bad (or embarrassing) if I were a brown belt or something for what I'm able to do, but I'm supposed to be higher ranking than that! My throwing game is decent, but my judo experience is really lopsided to that side. Just have to do more.

I don't know if we'll have any pictures from this one, though. Unless David Rose comes to aikido tomorrow. Speaking of which, it's time I showered and got some rest. 


  1. Newaza can get tiring, and yeah an hour long randori session can be exhausting. I find that if I relax more in newaza that I last a lot longer. I may have improved my cardio just a little bit, but the thing that made me last longer is just... relaxation.

    When you have a good dominant position, relax. Slow down and make your actions deliberate. This will conserve your energy. When you're in a subordinate position, wait for your opening and then push forward for a sweep or reversal.

    The key thing is locking down the positional hold. It's the transition from positional dominance to a submission that there is a window that you can pierce or conversely have your defenses breached.

    It's where the saying, maximum efficiency with minimum effort really takes hold.


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