Arm bar drill

Good ol' juji gatame

This relates somewhat to my earlier post about taking notes. We don't spend near as much time on kata in judo as we do in aikido, so whenever I encounter a new drill, or series of techniques, I have to jot them down if I am to have any hope of remembering them down the road. This is as much as I can remember of an arm bar drill I've seen a few times, but it's been a while. (And the ending I may have made up entirely!)

Begin with uke on his back, and tori in a loose kazure kesa gatame, down at the hip level (right side).

1) Uke turns toward you, pushing you, doing all the work. You roll flat against him.

2) Uke rolls back onto his back. You switch back into kazure kesa gatame.

3) Uke turns toward you again, really trying to push you. You snag his arm in waki gatame.

4) Uke tries to curl his arm out of the arm bar. You use your right arm to snake under his for a quick coil armbar (this one is really hard to describe in words without a video, sorry.)

5) Uke keeps rolling onto his back. You use your free left hand to yoke his wrist and push it all the way to the mat on the far side. You're now laying on top of him (shoulder level). Take a figure four coil armbar. (You can also grab his wrist with both hands in a "motorcycle" grip.)

6) Uke tries to uncoil his arm. You keep the same figure four grip, and now do a straight armbar, one arm under uke's elbow.

7) Uke curls the other way to get out of it, toward his hips. You slip your left arm under his bicep, grabbing your own label. You use your right hand to yoke his wrist and get another figure four arm bar with uke's arm pointed down (you'll let go of your lapel for it). (You can do the "motorcycle" grip here, too.)

8) If, before step 7, uke is wise enough not to let you get the second coil armbar and he hugs you tight to keep you from getting his arm, keep the label grip with your left hand. Bring your right knee up, then step over his head with your left foot. You're now sitting upright, on one knee, your bottom directly over his face. Now his arm is stretched out and you can get another coil.

9) From there, you can spin to uke's other side, sit down and get good ol' juji gatame.

Now, I wonder if I'm forgetting something, or completely getting something wrong?


  1. FYI nice armbar series video should be uploaded in the next few days-- inspired by your fine blog


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